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About Us

Working with parsed VAST documents

Our vast-parser includes a JavaScript helper utility that aims to make working with parsed VAST documents easier. VAST documents allow for many optional fields and so the output JSON objects may look very differently depending on the input. Imagine...

Unruly <3s Java

Unruly has been built on Java and its ecosystem since the company was founded in 2006, and we want to share some of the stuff we've been doing with it.

Java 8 has opened the floodgates to new and exciting features that have been anticipated for years...

Updates and news now listed on the front page

The front page on Unruly Tech will now show what's going on at Unruly.

Updates includes tech talks both hosted at Unruly HQ and presented at other events, initiatives we're taking such as Developer Exchanges and open roles.

So keep posted!

Modern XP, Join The Mob

The classic "Extreme Programming Explained" encourages us to embrace change and turn up the dials on good practice. But so much has changed in industry since the white book came out; descriptions of how work was done at Chrysler in the 90's almost...

Conference Club

"The first rule of Conference Club is to talk about talking at conferences"

Presenting at conferences is a great experience where you get to consolidate your knowledge and connect with other people passionate about the same things. But speaking in...

Developer Exchange

Last year Unruly ran a Developer Exchange with 7digital. We're both companies with similar levels of experience in XP/agile development but working in different technology stacks. Our aim was to provide a mutual learning experience and pickup...

Gold Cards and Viking Helmet

You may have spotted that a Viking Helmet has become a symbol of developers at Unruly appearing on our flyers at recruitment events and in our selfie video for Silicon Milkroundabout. I thought I’d share some background as this helmet represents something...