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Be part of a diverse team working across a range of technologies.

Unruly is a great place for software developers to work because we’ve been using eXtreme Programming (XP) from the start. We believe that our Modern XP practices are leading the way in the London XP community.

We work in highly collaborative teams that take full responsibility for end-to-end development. As a developer at Unruly, you will regularly push changes into our live environments. This may sound scary but we put a lot of investment in automating our tests and continuous deployment infrastructure. All of our production code is developed collaboratively through paired or mob programming. Pair programming helps us to work fast without breaking things. When making critical changes, there’s always someone by your side to bounce ideas off and help spot problems that you may have missed.

Unruly works in the fast-moving market of programmatic advertising. We have build resilient systems that can handle large data volumes and under high load. Our XP discipline enables us to turn new features around in a few days. All developers in our Product Development teams have the opportunity to lead research into new product features. As a story owner, you will have conversations with end users and business stakeholders to figure out what is most valuable to build. You present your thinking around software design to your team and get to see your ideas implemented into our live products.

We also have 20% technical research time available to all our developers. You typically have one Gold Card day per week to spend on your own learning, investigating whatever new tech you find interesting. We encourage all developers to share their findings at the end of the week or as lightning talks. We have our own Conference Club and developers also can go out for week long Dev eXchanges with external companies to bring back new ideas into our Product Development teams.

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