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Ignore tests until a certain date.

This allows you to write an acceptance/integration test before implementing a feature, and integrate it into your codebase before the implementation is complete.

IgnoreUntilRule rule = new IgnoreUntilRule();

public void example_test_ignored_until_a_date() {


Quarantine non-deterministic tests

@Rule QuarantineRule rule = new QuarantineRule();

public void some_sporadically_failing_test() {


QuarantineRule supports a functional interface called QuarantineRuleLogger as a constructor argument for additional logging capabilities. For example, we email ourselves failures so it's harder to ignore.

@Rule QuarantineRule rule = new QuarantineRule(msg -> System.err.println(msg));

Make sure tests pass reliably

We use this to diagnose tests as being non-deterministic. To run each test 10 times:

@Rule ReliabilityRule rule = new ReliabilityRule(10);